Archived Match Reports

Refreshers v Felsted

25 July 2021 This was another belter of a game at Felsted and it might never have happened. The weather forecast was biblical and it would have put off all but the most unyielding of cricketers. [...]

Refreshers v V&A CC

Saturday 18 September 2021 On a glorious late summer’s day the Refreshers played their last fixture of the season in the bucolic setting of Stonor Park in South Oxfordshire. Given our [...]

Refreshers v Tilford

Sunday 20 June 2021 Having driven through the numerous rain showers en route to Tilford, the wisdom of proceeding with the match at all was both highly questionable and, not surprisingly, highly [...]

Refreshers v Kew

Kew Green, 8 August 2021 Jon Willatt (63 runs (11 fours)) single-handedly saved us from the middle order collapse to end all middle order collapses (I am almost proud of the sheer consistent [...]

Refreshers v Slinfold

Sunday 9 May 2021 A delight of a game played against a fantastic opposition (as usual), but unfortunately without the benefit of their delicious tea due to ongoing restrictions. On a side-note, [...]

Malta Tour 2019

In late September 2019 a dozen or so Refreshers and a cadre of WAGS sallied forth across the Med to land on Malta, a lovely warm island with a long history, beautiful architecture and close [...]


The Australian Women’s XI, preparing for their Women’s Ashes campaign, had asked us to give up our usual venue for this fixture, namely the Marlborough College first XI pitch, so we took the 2nd [...]

Refreshers v Falconhurst

Seduced by the glorious weather, and influenced by the fact that not all of the opposition team arrived at the ground on time, the Refreshers decided to field first with the aim of limiting [...]

Refreshers v Turks

A strong looking Refreshers side on paper was slightly weakened by a few late drop outs. Morale was still high nonetheless for the final game of the season against Richard Warlow’s Turks [...]

Refreshers v Tilford

With the absence of the usual match Captain (Richard Saunders) through “Age Concern” commitments, the team was run by Chris Bell who scrambled an 11 together on Friday after a couple of late [...]

Norfolk Tour 2016

The Refreshers returned to Norfolk for their annual trip to God’s Own County, arriving in good time for the game against Holkham in the splendid setting in front of the Hall. AS is equally [...]

Castle Rising, Norfolk

A good start to the Refreshers 2016 campaign as we won our first match, this one a low scoring affair at Castle Rising, Norfolk. We bowled the oppo out for 142 and reached 146 for 6 in plenty of [...]

Refreshers Dinner 2016

Hugely successful dinner at the Garrick Club this year, with a positive and optimistic atmosphere pervading proceedings. Guests included HHJ Nigel Peters QC (MCC committee member) who spoke [...]

September 2015 update

We have not played a game since Harry Nosworthy’s fixture on 19th July – one lost to weather and three called off by our hosts, in each case unable to raise a team. Not a good portent [...]

East Woodhay

Burning sunshine, Harry Nosworthy’s team lunch and a superb 108 from Will Eden are the three abiding memories of the day. East Woodhay batted first and scored 220 in their 35 overs – [...]

Dorset Tour 2015

Two matches at Sandroyd School, the most delightful of settings, and a wonderful evening chez Cayford at his old rectory in Compton Abbas made for an excellent weekend. We won both games; on [...]

Tilford 21st June

The oldest fixture in our calendar, dating back to the 1930’s, was tied in somewhat controversial circumstances this year. Needing 2 to win from the last ball, the Refreshers could only [...]

Chelsea Arts Club 4th July

A strong Refreshers side rolled a somewhat depleted CAC over this year. Playing at Harrow, we won the toss and batted. In our 35 overs we posted 206; respectable, albeit below the potential of a [...]

Law Society 18th June

Two early injuries, to Anu’s ankle and Michael Edwards’ eye respectively, resulted in two respective visits to hospital and with it, any chance of winning this match. The Law Society [...]

Greys Green 30 May 2015

“11 year old defies Government Minister!” The Greys game now over 65 years old is played with such great spirit and camaraderie and this one was no different. Same faces, same smiles and same [...]

Falconhurst May 2015

We drew. It was a lovely day and a really good game of cricket. They batted first on a damp pitch and we put in a really good effort in the field, chipping away at the wickets and not giving away [...]

Refreshers Dinner 2015

The annual dinner was hugely entertaining, due in large part to our guest speaker Peter Oborne and the additional presence of former England international, Jason Gallian. Philip Cayford compered [...]

Bordeaux Tour 2014

  Wonderful weekend in Bordeaux. It started for some early in the week with an advance party of gastronomes (Cannon, Spurr, Dumont and Cayford in particular) and several bars and restaurants [...]

East Woodhay

A scorching day and a superb pitch and outfield greeted the Refreshers on Sunday 20th July. We beat East Woodhay last year and were expecting a revenge attempt; as it was we had them at 125 for 6 [...]

Dorset 2014

Glorious weather, Sandroyd at its beautiful best, Glyn House packed to overflowing and two good wins on the pitch contributed to another fabulous weekend in Dorset. On Saturday the traditional [...]

Refreshers v Law Society

Refreshers v Law Society 26 June 2014   Law Society v Refreshers   On Tuesday (48 hours before the game) there were 4 Refreshers on the team sheet. A few hours later the fourth dropped [...]

Match Reports

Refreshers v Falconhurst 17 May 2014 A charming ground near Edenbridge and a relatively long-standing Refreshers fixture. A strong side batted first on a warm summer’s day – not the [...]

Pembroke at Emmanuel

Our side did not compete with the zesty Pembroke College lads in terms of age. They were, notwithstanding the claimed effects of a heavy night celebrating the end of exams, considerably and [...]

Castle Hedingham

The end of season double header at Castle Hedingham did not really happen as advertised. a few Refreshers found themselves playing with Anu and others at CH but we have agreed that his team could [...]


A complete fiasco as Refreshers arrived with 14 players (as arranged: the other side were short) just in time to see the Peppard groundsman driving away with the stumps. It was raining at that [...]

Chelsea Arts Club

Just as the sun finally appeared the Refreshers could not raise a side and cancelled this match late in the day. In fact the ground was unplayable and the fixture was called off by the groundsman [...]

Dorset Double Header

The appalling weather relented just long enough to permit back to back matches in North Dorset on 14th and 15th July. Playing against Paul Heward’s Invitation X1 at Sandroyd School, we won [...]

Wombats Washed Out

After all the planning and long distance sledging Mother Nature decided this game without a ball being bowled – in fact without any attendance by counsel at all. The Pembroke ground was [...]

Checkendon Win

A good win against Checkendon this year. Batting first, the two judges got us off to a good start, Atkins making 20 and our President an extremely patient 18. Anu Mohindru accelerated the scoring [...]

Tilford June 24th

Was a fine game yesterday and after last year’s batting onslaught from us Tilford brought a somewhat younger side… However we survived and managed to play out for the draw. Our card makes for [...]

Norfolk Weekend

Dire predictions of ceaseless rain proved completely unfounded but our Friday fixture at Salle was called off nonetheless -at 3.30, long after we had set off. Adney Payne provided his traditional [...]


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The Refreshers season ended on a high at Checkendon, when we recorded another satisfying victory against Checkendon CC, one of longest and friendliest fixtures. David Alexander and Sam produced a [...]