Refreshers v Kew

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Kew Green, 8 August 2021

Jon Willatt (63 runs (11 fours)) single-handedly saved us from the middle order collapse to end all middle order collapses (I am almost proud of the sheer consistent audacity of it: five ducks in a row from batsman 3 to 7 inclusive! And thanks to Darren and Rachel’s artistry in colour coding the scorebook, it really pops, so, er, thanks guys). Jon’s knock was a heroic one given the circumstances and especially considering that it was compiled, batting at no.8, on a busted hamstring, compelling him to play within himself and largely off the back foot. Great support work from James Finch, (debutant) Myles Jackson and Henry Law who amongst them were solely responsible for scoring ALL of the other runs (other than extras).

The fielding was great. Relentless. We basically kept a solid batting side to 160 runs in almost 40 overs and nearly won the match, which when you reflect on it, is kind of nuts. (Their skipper told me they generally score 200 plus on that pitch). Great work from our latest US signing, Hugh – whenever you are back from the States there is a spot for you.

The bowling was PHENOMENAL. Average runs per over: Finch – 2.6 an over (off 5 overs); Sachin – 2.5 an over (off 6 overs); Almeida and Brady – off 8 overs each – bowling mid match against the near centurion who had his eye in: only 4.1 and 4.75 runs per over conceded respectively! Moses: 6.5 (great death bowling). Henry Law – I will tell the Sri Lankan Test selectors that their search is finally over: I have found the new Rangana Herath – 1.2 an over (5 overs, 2 maidens, 6 runs conceded).

Akhtar Ahmad – fantastic work with the gloves as ever. Quick hands in difficult circumstances. Thanks for marshalling the play.

Most importantly, we spent a lot of the match laughing, partly at ourselves.

Let’s do it again next year.

Jerome Silva

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