Refreshers v Checkendon – 30 June 2019

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Refreshers v Checkendon – 30 June 2019

The annual fixture between Checkendon in Oxfordshire and the Refreshers took place at Checkendon on Sunday 30 June 2019. Rather surprisingly for a teamsheet which had originally included Anu Mohindru (Club Captain), Abhi Mohindru, Owen Roach, Richard Saunders, David Alexander, Chris Bell, John Maynard, Sacha Sandelson and Andy Gardner, for the first time in as long as I can remember we nearly turned up with fewer than 11 players due to various people (including Anu Mohindru, Richard Saunders and David Alexander) being injured. But by about 2.20pm on the Sunday we had 11 and were in the field.

The Refreshers’ bowling was tight and miserly. Indeed, despite the presence of many other bowlers (Owen Roach, Andy Gardner, Chris Bell and Abhi Mohindru) in reality only four bowlers were used (Chris Bell did actually bowl the first over of the day but that was because the opening bowlers were still in the changing room). John Maynard and Bevis Burke (a friend and protégé of John Maynard’s and a late replacement) were first up. By the time they had finished it was 33-2 after 13 overs. At which point two of the youngsters (Harry Bell, aged 14 and Sacha Sandelson, aged 15) took over. They were never taken off, returning figures of 4-31 and 3-49 respectively and ensuring that Checkendon were all out at about 4.45pm for 158 (and yes if you do the maths there were a phenomenal amount of extras – somewhere in the 40s). One thing to report: given Sacha’s age, one batsman queried how many overs he was allowed to bowl. Sacha responded by telling him that there was no limit because he was a leg spinner. The batsman replied that he should try spinning it then. To which Sacha said “well you should try hitting it”. All of this was of course in good humour. Needless to say Sacha got him out!

The batting did not start well. Abhi Mohindru was bowled third ball for 0. But then things got a lot better with Bevis Burke hitting a masterly 87 (including a couple of massive sixes) and the 13 year old Ronnie Mohindru (and I should say clearly a very fine cricket-playing Mohindru in the making) hitting a supremely stylish 43. And with a little help from a few more batsmen we found ourselves over the winning line at 160-5 by 6.30pm and with 8 of the final 20 overs to go, just at about the same time as India lost their World Cup match to England, a game which of course both Checkendon and the Refreshers had followed keenly throughout the day.

David Alexander QC

Match Manager

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