Refreshers v Law Society

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Refreshers v Law Society 26 June 2014


Law Society v Refreshers


On Tuesday (48 hours before the game) there were 4 Refreshers on the team sheet. A few hours later the fourth dropped out. Things were not looking great. Enter, in the great theatrical tradition he so loves, Paul Stewart.

‘I’ve got some players’ he said. ‘4 of them, including me’. Suddenly the clouds began to part. Paul Stewart, Tom Stewart, Joe Stewart, the other Paul Stewart – all keen to play.


We thus scraped 11 (albeit that Nosworthy, the crucial 5th bowler, in the end did not make it to Dulwich marooned as he was at Watford all evening). Skipper Cannon lost the toss. The Refreshers were in the field with Nosworthy and Moses (their two opening bowlers) absent. Enter Paul Stewart (the younger) – a highly competent spell of four from the pavilion end; and Callcutt (once the taker of 8-25 for the Refreshers at Greenwich Park) with three equally competent overs from the far end. Moses arrived; Cannon bowled an unremarkable 4-1-17-1; wickets fell. To the crease came a bearded behemoth with a suspiciously antipodean accent. He smote Moses – a decent ball – to the pavilion for six. Silva – having his first bowl for two years – took some punishment from the other end. Another giant six smashed a window in the pavilion. 151-4 off their 20. A good score but not impossible.


Out strode Edwards and Burrett to face the new ball for the barristers. That new ball was bowled with irritating accuracy and pace – it later transpired that their opening bowler had recently played State cricket for Western Australia. He was good. Too good. His 4 overs went for 4 runs. Edwards nicked one that lesser batsmen would have missed entirely; Two Stewarts fell for not many. A third, Paul Stewart the Younger, top-edged one into his chin, leaving a nasty gash, blood in the wicket and 14 stitches for his troubles. Silva looked customarily elegant before dragging one on but the target was beyond us – in fast-gathering gloom the Refreshers reached 120 for their 20 overs and the game was up.


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