Refreshers v Felsted

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25 July 2021

This was another belter of a game at Felsted and it might never have happened. The weather forecast was biblical and it would have put off all but the most unyielding of cricketers. Being such, the Refreshers shouted down the many forceful calls for the game to be cancelled before the weather had even set in. That steadfast and unflinching cricketing enthusiasm was well rewarded.

Refreshers batted first. Paul Stewart (14) and Johnny Smith (28) got us off to a solid start. Joe Cannon (20) and Chris Bennett-Baggs (49) then marshalled the middle overs masterfully to leave us well set for a final flurry. Milo Skelton duly delivered with a quick-fire 32. Other wickets fell around those notable contributions. Worthy of mention, Sam Burrett, the match manager, as always concerned to keep up good relations with the hosts, generously offered up his second golden duck in this fixture in as many years. Refreshers ended 148-9 off their 30 overs. About par.

A frighteningly good spell in the field by the Refreshers reduced Felsted to 67-9 off 18 overs. Josh O’Connor bagged 3 after an excellent opening spell and Joe Cannon and Milo Skelton also took a brace each. The game was all but over. The focus of the Felsted balcony had turned firmly to the sky in hope that the heavens might deliver the much-talked-about deluge. It held off. A tricky dropped chance in the 20th over with Felsted 86-9 might have sealed it for the Refreshers. As it was, that unearthed some, until then unseen, firepower in the Felsted batting.

Their tailenders hit a several maximums to lift their score rapidly to 124-9, leaving them needing only 25 to win and plenty of time to do it. It was the Refreshers who now began to glance anxiously towards the heavens for a bit of assistance. And they got it, with a downpour so heavy the game was abandoned some 5 minutes or so later. 
While it was a real shame that the weather didn’t allow us to fully see out the nail biter which was in store, it was nevertheless another excellent and well-fought contest. And as such, although a timed-match, it didn’t seem entirely proper to do the Duckworth Lewis calculations. So honour is kept on both sides until next year.


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