Refreshers v Chelsea Arts Club – 6 July 2019

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After an amazingly laid-back start, it was decided that we should play time as opposed to limited overs, the toss being won by our captain, J Cannon. Batting was the obvious choice on a hot, dry day, and the openers, R Clapp and H Law looked steadfast until the end of the second over when Clapp was unexpectedly bowled. H Law continued serenely against a decent bowling attack, and held the innings together for a considerable period of time, with solid contributions from M Brundsdon-Tully, J Willatt and M Long. 

However, the outstanding score was the contribution of 95 by the captain. Bowing to custom, he admitted that under normal equitable principles regarding jug-avoidance, he was obliged to buy a round post-match. More on that later. We declared on 226 for 8, feeling fairly comfortable.

We opened with M Long and C Bell, an injured M Long soon being replaced by H Bell, who produced one of the most beautifully crafted spells of bowling seen in many a day. He ended with figures of 5-41 off 12 overs, which do not do him justice! Unfortunately, a young J Cayford playing for Chelsea Arts decided, against all expectation, to score 60, and J Nott-Bower ended on 50 not out, reaching our score in their 38th over.

Although disappointed to lose a game we thought was winnable, we headed up the hill, secure in the knowledge that drinks would be bought by the captain. Alas! He “couldn’t find parking” [corroborated by O Wise] and we saw no more of three of our team.


[Editor’s Note: this does seem a more than decent excuse for not buying a jug, parking can be a real bore in those parts and it is understood that the captain was generously giving two other refreshers a lift to their far-flung homes. Perhaps he should be bought a jug?] [Editor: J Cannon]
  • Philip Cayford

    Good try, but no, definitely jug avoidance…

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